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Welcome to the world of opportunity to distribute health, wealth & well being. Wellness is defined as an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a more successful existence. Taking nutritional supplements will help to ensure you are getting enough of nutrients that may be missing from your diet. Today our busy schedules have made our minds so pre-occupied that we don’t have enough time to eat enough to fulfill all our body needs. This is why we need nutritional supplements to maintain our health.

To enhance your health and to promote well being. Orien’s produces high quality nutritional supplements made from quality materials that are procured and manufactured in a high technology plant which follows the principle of good manufacturing practices.
Orien’s nutritional supplements and wellness products combine the goodness of natural herbal extracts and high technology to provide the required nutrition for all your health care needs. Orein’s nutritional supplements increase the defensive mechanism of the body by improving the immune system. Food supplements are designed according to the ancients chakra system in our body with its representing color.

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Orien’s Moringa is a perfect blend of moringa leaf and seed extract. Its supply vitamin and minerals required by the body.

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Orien’s Seven wonder juice is combination seven wonderful ingredients improve the overall support of the Health.

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Oriens Active slim tea is an Ayurvedic formulation. It is 100% natural to keep you fit and energetic.

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Orien’s Aloe Vera Gold Juice is a combination of Brahmi, Green Tea & Ashwagandha. Pure aloe vera juice with other herbs helps to supports the immune system of the body.

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Orien’s Aloe Vera Premium Juice is a pure Aloe vera juice helps to purify the whole body and boost metabolism. Helps to improve the immune system. Contains healthy plant compounds. Have antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Accelerates the healing of burns. Helps treat mouth ulcers, or canker sores. Reduces constipation. May improve skin and help prevent [...]

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Say bye to joint pain and smile with Oriens Arthobest. Naturally removes the inflammation from the joints. We have a premium quality, scientifically proven combination for arthritis.

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Orien’s  Asparose is a Natural combination of herbs and antioxidant. Overall support for women’s health Herbal support to ovaries, improves blood circulation, protects from stress & fatigue, regulate menstrual cycle.

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Orien’s Calcium is unique formulation of natural calcium. It’s perfectly helps to fulfill the daily requirement of calcium.

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Orien’s De-Lipo is a Superb natural extracts to maintain cholesterol with natural mangosteen extract and Policosonal. Reduce Bad Cholesterol (LDL, VLDL & triglycerides). Increase Good Cholesterol

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Orien’s  Detoxy one is a comprehensive formula to removes toxins from the body effectively. Detoxy-one is a unique combination of herbs and probiotics, which helps to cleanse your body effectively

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Orien’s Diajuice is a combination of herbs helps to maintain blood glucose level. Diajuice helps to improve overall health of the Diabetic people

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Orien’s Tulsi Drops is the pure extract of pancha thulsi. The tulsi collected from different parts of the India and extracted. The tulsi extract helps to support the respiratory system.

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Orien’s Diacare is a herbal combination to maintain blood glucose level effectively. The unique combination helps to support the pancreatic function

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Orien’s Energy Booster is a rich source of Protein helps to boost the energy. The Combination of Ganoderma, almonds and milk protein supports your energy needed.

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Orien’s Fruit Fiber is effective combination of fiber from fresh fruits which softly cleanse the whole body. It’s helps in overall health of the body.

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Orien’s Healthy slim helps to maintain the weight effectively. Its  a natural & Healthier option to reduce weight

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ORIEN’S Morinda Premium Juice is 100% Natural Fruit Extract Juice. Helps to improve immune system , digestive function, cleanse the digestive tract.

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Orien’s Naturovita is blessing for lunginflammation and joint pain. A Special combination of herbs for completehealth.  The herbs which naturally givespower to health, where chosen specially to support the overall health

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Orien’s Nephrofit gives Herbal support for the kidney and urinary tract. The efficient herbal extract helps to maintain the effective waste removal from the body.

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O’Strong Liv


Oriens Strong Liv is a blend of herbs to support and function of the liver. Silybummarianum extract and picrorhizakurroa extract are added which has been helpful to supply herbal nutrient for healthy liver.

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Organic Spirulina is a richest source of vegetative protein. Space Food Spirulina is a package of all essential nutrient. The spirulina alone can full fill the daily recommended daily allowances.